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Zone de Texte: Origin of name 

Plouguiel finds its origin in breton plou meaning parish, and saint Kiel, a monk came from across the Chanel to the sixth  century.
The name of this parish is quoted as the twelfth century.

- In 1341, during the Hundred Years War, the inhabitants of Plouguiel exterminate an English troupe landed in Port-Blanc.

Two larges families mark the centuries : 
The Keralio and the Kerousy.

- In 1483 that   Kerousy Bizien of (vice-admiral of Brittany) Plouguiel based in the  convent of Friars Minor of Saint-Françis wich will close its doors after the revolution in 1791.
- In 1832, a cholera epidemic wins one hundred and twenty people from the town .
- The 	General empire Perichou of Kerverseau (1757-1825), the blind bard Yann Ar Gwen (1774-1849) and writter Breton-speaking Jarl priel (1885-1965) were born Plouguiel.

History of Plouguiel

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